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Kallidus LMS overview

Kallidus Learning Management System (LMS) provides a distinctly different approach to help you to optimise learning outcomes, deliver business value, and harness the true potential of your people. Dedicated to employee engagement, Kallidus is a cost-effective, flexible SaaS solution to support your complete blended learning programme, from rapid onboarding right through to personalised leadership development and CPD. And with intelligent reporting, Kallidus LMS uses powerful analytics to enable you to evidence compliance and evaluate performance against plan, helping you to target resources effectively to support business success.

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Intelligent blended learning managment

Kallidus LMS streamlines the delivery, management and assessment of your complete blended learning programme, including e-learning, classroom training, resource planning and administration. Accessible on any device and compatible with all SCORM-compliant e-learning, Kallidus LMS is an intuitive, scalable solution to help you to optimise learning outcomes, develop a skilled workforce, and manage talent within your organisation.

  • Personalised learning

    Provide every employee with instant access to their unique learning programme. Encourage self-driven development with personalised learning and enable staff to explore assigned courses or book additional role-specific learning online.

  • Multi-platform learning

    Provide rapid access to learning virtually anytime, anywhere, on any device. With the Kallidus App, users can download content and view it offline, or begin a course on one device before completing on another device; all progress is synced upon reconnection with a network.

  • Collaborative learning

    Create and support an effective coaching culture through informal learning and best practice knowledge-sharing. Engage employees and improve learning outcomes by building communities of practice with one-click access to social tools and learning forums.

  • Streamlined learning management

    Comprehensively structure and manage learning plans, events, accreditations and communications from a central location. Create catalogues of content and assign learning to individuals and groups, and easily evidence regulatory and policy-driven compliance.

  • Intelligent analytics

    Create and automate reports, filter results and examine workforce trends easily and effectively. Evaluate performance against objectives, rapidly identify high performers and address knowledge gaps with intelligent reporting based on SAP BusinessObjects.

  • Highly configurable

    Reflect unique corporate identity with intelligent design, custom terminology and multilingual capability and include eye-catching videos, social feeds and other media-rich content to update learners and highlight relevant opportunities for learning.

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"Kallidus LMS was very attractive in terms of flexibility, cost and ease of use. Global reporting capabilities are key for us, and with a phenomenal offering in this area, a real willingness to listen and a strong focus on customer service, we felt Kallidus as a company was perfectly aligned with our business."

Specsavers, the world’s largest private optical group

Enhance the power of your learning strategy

Integrating learning, performance and talent management using the latest technologies can deliver significant business benefits, unifying and enhancing the employee development process from user experience and engagement to decision-making and resource planning. An integrated approach streamlines processes and improves productivity to help you proactively manage performance against plan. And aligning L&D with talent management and succession planning helps you to manage skills gaps flexibly and effectively, develop more robust leadership pipelines, and create more effective development plans for high performers to ensure long-term business success.

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