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Kallidus Performance Overview

Kallidus Performance provides a truly effective, streamlined solution to help you to engage, motivate and develop your employees. Our secure SaaS performance management solution has been designed to help you to promote a culture where leaders and managers can engage with staff on a regular basis to facilitate meaningful conversations around performance and potential, and ensure key competencies and objectives are aligned with organisational goals. The centralised online platform consolidates and streamlines the appraisals process, providing a consistent and objective approach to managing and tracking people performance, driving employee retention and business agility and helping leaders to identify and manage skills gaps more effectively.

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Meaningful performance management

Kallidus Performance is a highly configurable solution that can be structured to reflect your competency frameworks and key corporate objectives, and will help you to better understand what motivates your employees and what they need to reach their full potential. With the ability to map career progression pathways and track key achievements, you will ensure that your employees are engaged in their own development and driving continuous performance improvement across your organisation.

  • Self-driven development

    Encourage self-driven development by easily mapping, documenting, and tracking individual performance against key competencies and corporate goals. Engage staff with self-evaluation, PDPs and diarised achievement records.

  • Secure, multi-platform access

    Manage performance securely with on-demand access to Kallidus virtually anytime, anywhere on any device. Safely collate, manage and analyse confidential data with enhanced security features and secure sign-off workflows.

  • Performance portfolios

    Build a referenceable catalogue of performance evidence to assess within appraisals, and create a detailed portfolio of key achievements to support the progression of high performers towards the next stage of their career.

  • Streamlined performance management

    Track and manage individual, team and organisational performance against plan; review schedules and accreditations and track CPD progress from a central location. Flexibly direct development resources to where they are needed most.

  • Team development

    Develop high-performance teams by setting performance goals that are specific, motivating, attainable, relevant and trackable. Use collaborative tools to enable staff to share best practice on corporate goals and team objectives.

  • Intelligent analytics

    Evaluate trends and identify HiPos and candidates for promotion. Proactively address skills gaps with intelligent reporting based on SAP BusinessObjects. Instantly access historical assessment data for a detailed audit trail of activity.

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"Not only is everything in one place, but we can run reports without having to collate information manually as we did before. It’s enabled us to work far more efficiently and has saved us so much time."

Performance analyst, leading UK police force

Enhance the power of your performance strategy

Integrating learning, performance and talent management using the latest technologies can deliver significant business benefits, unifying and enhancing the employee development process from user experience and engagement to decision-making and resource planning. An integrated approach streamlines processes and improves productivity to help you to proactively manage performance against plan. And aligning L&D with talent management and succession planning helps you to manage skills gaps flexibly and effectively, develop more robust leadership pipelines, and create more effective development plans for high performers to ensure long-term business success.

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