We work in partnership with our customers to support long-term business success

Working in partnership

We’re passionate about creating a true partnership with each of our customers to find best-fit solutions to make learning and talent a success for them. Dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service, Kallidus supports businesses of all sizes across all industries to ensure that they have the right people in the right roles with the right skills and knowledge.

We work with many well-known brands operating across the UK and worldwide, to support the journey towards business transformation and long-term performance success for each and every customer.

And we continually measure and review feedback on our products and services through our dedicated Customer Excellence Programme, ensuring that we never lose sight of what is important to our clients.

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"The Kallidus team has been absolutely fantastic. They have worked in partnership with us from the start, taking the time to really understand our needs and providing invaluable knowledge and insight every step of the way."

Vicky James, HR Business Partner, Merlin

A selection of the clients we work with