NHS Business Services Authority

Kallidus LMS helps NHSBSA to achieve award-winning results: 95% training compliance and 83% training cost savings in year one


NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) provides business support services to NHS authorities and national public bodies, encouraging and contributing to key service improvements and cost savings, and in turn, enabling colleagues across the wider NHS to focus on optimising patient care.

In 2014, NHSBSA began providing a shared HR service to three new clients. These newly-formed organisations consisted of staff transferring into new roles with, in many cases, a 49% knowledge gap, pushing learning and development to the top of the agenda.

Why Kallidus?

NHSBSA needed to manage learning and development for each client as well as their own workforce learning programme. With one central LMS and separate, secure outward-facing domains for each client, Kallidus provided the ideal solution. This approach has enabled NHSBSA to manage multi-faceted learning programmes, workflows and administrative roles simply and flexibly on a large scale through one centralised platform.

The results

Kallidus LMS has improved access to learning, enabling NHSBSA to roll out essential training and offer role-specific learning to some clients for the first time. The LMS has also helped NHSBSA to make key efficiency savings that have been reinvested back into supporting clients in improving quality of care for patients across the UK.

  • Within the first year of using Kallidus, 98% of NHSBSA staff accessed the system, and the authority is now 95% compliant.

  • By moving from classroom training to e-learning, NHSBSA has saved over 9,200 delegate hours, and a total of over 9,400 workforce hours for learners, trainers and project administrators.

  • Training costs have been reduced by 83%, a total saving of almost £370,000 in year one.

  • Kallidus LMS streamlined the delivery of essential, time-critical compliance training for the largest pension scheme in Europe.

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"The LMS is a fantastic resource, enabling us to roll out compliance courses quickly and effectively when laws change and automate the scheduling and delivery of refresher training, as well as delivering important information in an interesting and eye-catching way."

David Jukes, Head of Risk and Assurance, NHSBSA Corporate

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