Kallidus 360 supports employee development at Eurostar to find leaders of the future


Since 1994, the Eurostar high-speed train service has carried over 150 million passengers via the Channel Tunnel to Paris, Brussels, Lille, Calais, Disneyland® Paris and beyond. The development of Eurostar’s talent is essential for ensuring the company remains at the leading edge of innovation.

During 2012, Eurostar introduced a new leadership framework to help senior managers gain a deeper understanding of the key roles, competencies and expected behaviours within the organisation. The framework highlighted four core competencies: rigour, relationships, ownership and ambition, all with associated key performance indicators (KPIs).

Why Kallidus?

In conjunction with the new leadership framework, Eurostar chose Kallidus Performance, a cost-effective and flexible solution, to improve the employee performance review process.

Eurostar also wanted to implement a 360 feedback solution for senior managers, which aligned with the core competencies set out in the leadership framework to help drive greater engagement, productivity and performance across the organisation.

“Development is a top priority for Eurostar’s senior management population. We needed a simple, straightforward solution that would automate and streamline reviews, and we felt Kallidus 360 could add real value to our business.”
Jennifer O’Hara, Organisational Development Manager

The results

A pool of assessors and participants, including senior managers, employees, customers and suppliers, were invited to take part in Eurostar’s first annual 360 performance review cycle using Kallidus 360. The benefits of Kallidus 360 have been significant from the start.

  • Eurostar achieved an 89% participation response rate using Kallidus 360, a 4% increase on the previous year’s completion rates. And for the first time, 100% of senior managers completed their 360 reviews, reflecting a strong buy-in for the process.

  • Eurostar is now able to examine key trends and use the insight gained to support learning needs analysis and enhance professional development. “The extremely in-depth reports have ensured we can effectively support senior management development. We can easily compare reviews and provide very detailed, targeted feedback aligned with core competencies.” Jennifer O’Hara, Organisational Development Manager

  • The speed and simplicity of the solution has also been a key benefit for Eurostar. “Kallidus 360 is very intuitive and user-friendly, and has enabled senior managers to overcome time constraints and complete the review process quickly and effectively.” Jennifer O’Hara, Organisational Development Manager

  • 360 feedback also feeds into Eurostar’s talent review process. It has helped to identify high potentials for talent management and succession planning strategies, transforming high performers into tomorrow’s leaders.

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"Kallidus 360 has been designed with the end user in mind. Kallidus is currently running the 360 for our senior managers as a managed service and the level of customer service and support we have received from the Kallidus team has been fantastic."

Jennifer O’Hara, Organisational Development Manager

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