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Kallidus delivers key efficiency savings and provides a future-proof solution for managing L&D and performance


This leading UK force employs over 3,000 staff and volunteers and works alongside local emergency services to keeps thousands of UK citizens and tourists safe from crime. With a large mobile workforce operating in varying shift patterns, manually recording and evaluating performance against the force’s competency framework was becoming a real challenge.

For a more consistent approach to performance management, they needed a system that held all employee information in one central, easily accessible location, whilst meeting their stringent information security and firewall requirements. However, the force faced strict guidelines on public spending, limiting the budget available to deliver a solution to these challenging requirements.

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Why Kallidus?

With a strong track for delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to public sector organisations, Kallidus was the ideal choice.

The force’s performance analyst explains how their relationship with Kallidus began. “We wanted to improve our officer appraisal process and realised that to achieve this we needed a better way of managing performance. The system we had been using was very cumbersome. Although we were training staff and measuring key metrics such as sickness absence, our records weren’t centralised. This made it hard to analyse the data and report against it in a meaningful way, so we began working in partnership with Kallidus to develop a performance management solution.”

The results

Kallidus Performance has streamlined performance management processes, helping the force make key efficiency savings. Kallidus has continued to work in partnership with the force to expand the functionality of their performance management tool and to roll out the system to the wider workforce.

  • The force now has an effective appraisals process in place for developing staff. This is managed in line with strict information governance protocol, to ensure confidential information is secure.

  • Kallidus Performance has helped to drive self-development, enabling officers to play an active role in ensuring that they have the skills and experience to move to the next level of competency and seniority, as well as highlighting key areas for improvement.

  • Performance records are now stored on a single online system and can be accessed at the touch of a button. “Not only is everything in one place, but we can run reports without having to collate information manually as before. It’s enabled us to work far more efficiently and has saved us so much time.”

  • Customised, real-time reporting has also helped the force to gain insight into talent across the organisation and develop competency frameworks for staff.

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"We are incredibly busy and really feeling the pressure - that’s why it makes such a difference to have a system that is user-friendly. Kallidus is committed to using their innovation and our insight to help to embed a proactive approach to people performance, which meets the needs of a modern police force."

Performance analyst, leading UK police force

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