LSL Property Services

LSL Property Services delivers 4,000 mandatory e-learning courses in just two months with Kallidus LMS


LSL Property Services is a leading provider of residential property services to consumers and mortgage lenders. An umbrella organisation for 21 different businesses, LSL needed to find new ways to improve learning and development for its growing workforce.

Operating in a highly regulated industry, LSL wanted to find a more efficient way of managing compliance, as well as to merge training activities across two subsidiary businesses which were managed through two separate manual systems. They needed a powerful, centralised online learning platform to support training for 5,000 employees and provide greater consistency of training and records management.

Why Kallidus?

“What really struck me was the simplicity of the system and how straightforward it was to use. This was important, as many members of our staff were used to systems that were not overly technical and we didn’t want them to be overwhelmed with complex technology. The more questions we asked, the more I felt Kallidus was the system we were looking for. What’s more, one of the team had a similar background to me and could talk about the system from a client-facing perspective, having been involved on the customer side of implementation, making the implementation process really simple.” Christine Cochrane, Head of Learning and Talent Development

The results

From the start, Kallidus LMS helped streamline LSL’s entire compliance management process, resulting in key resource savings across the organisation.

  • LSL achieved 4,000 e-learning completions in just two months, demonstrating widespread buy-in for the new system across the organisation and increasing staff compliance and knowledge retention.

  • Centralised reporting has also meant that LSL no longer needs to manually collate compliance reports, saving weeks’ worth of time.

  • With a customised look and feel, the LMS resonates clearly with the LSL workforce and employees can access all of their personalised learning in one place.

  • Leaders are now able to address areas for improvement quickly and effectively, and can take a snapshot of any dataset at the click of a button to better understand how the organisation is performing.

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"We are currently using the LMS purely for e-learning, and it’s already delivering significant time and cost savings. It’s been a true partnership approach, with Kallidus always listening carefully to our needs to ensure that the system works best for us. In a short time, Kallidus has made a big difference to our business."

Christine Cochrane, Head of Learning and Talent Development

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