Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Award-winning LMS implementation enables Trust to save 8,300 staff working hours, increase learning compliance by 21%, and save £1m in training costs


Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust (NDHT) is the largest UK Trust by geographical coverage, operating across 1,300 square miles. The Trust offers both acute services and health and social care services across district and community hospitals, GP surgeries and in patients’ homes. In order to provide these 24/7 services, 365 days a year and through such a diverse workforce, an efficient, integrated learning management approach is essential.

Why Kallidus?

The Trust had access to an NHS-funded National Learning Management System but found that the quality, usability and accuracy of the system was hindering rather than improving learning outcomes, and had left staff disengaged and wary of online learning mechanisms. NDHT relied heavily on face-to-face learning instead, yet training venue costs, travel and time away from work – both in and out of hours – significantly impacted clinical effectiveness, patient care and efficiency measures. The Trust needed a user-friendly system to manage and access the complete learning prospectus and, with existing relationships with a number of Trusts, Kallidus was the ideal partner for the project.

The results

Kallidus has earned the respect of a diverse workforce, significantly improving learning outcomes, increasing access to e-learning and saving vital clinical and administrative resources that are now invested in improving quality of care and meeting key strategic objectives.

  • Kallidus has improved accessibility to e-learning, saving the Trust an estimated £1m in training costs for patient-facing staff in year one. The use of e-learning has increased by 25%.

  • Based on the average time invested in face-to-face learning each year, the increase in e-learning has saved 4,264 hours of clinical and nursing time and 3,990 hours of non-patient facing time: a total of almost 8,300 hours which have been invested back into clinical effectiveness, patient safety and the patient experience.

  • For five years, key performance indicators were below target, with mandatory training compliance averaging 60-65%. 14 months after implementing Kallidus, learning compliance exceeded target – averaging 86% – with some compliance levels improving by over 25%.

  • Administrators previously spent an average of two months uploading the entire learning prospectus in advance of the new calendar year. Kallidus revolutionised this process, and last year, for the first time, all mandatory and CPD courses were available three months ahead of target.

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Customer testimonial: NDHT

"Since implementing Kallidus we have seen a significant increase in e-learning completions over traditional face-to-face sessions. Kallidus has significantly enhanced learner engagement compared with the National LMS."

Darryn Allcorn, Director of Workforce and Development

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