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In 2015 gold award-winning project for best use of blended learning, Kallidus supports TfL through largest business transformation in Europe


Transport for London (TfL) manages London’s growing transport network, which consists of buses, trains, riverboats and the London Underground. In 2014, with customer journeys exceeding 4.8m per day, expectations rising, and the need to save £406m due to cuts in funding and capping fare increases, TfL needed to make fundamental changes to operations and culture, including workforce structure, customer service, and the stations themselves.

TfL introduced Fit for the Future Stations (FftFS), an ambitious a three-year programme designed to transform customer service, supporting significant team restructuring and the reskilling of all 5,000 employees and managers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to make the London Underground world class.

Transport for London: a Kallidus customer testimonial

Why Kallidus?

TfL partnered with Kallidus as part of a complex blended learning programme to promote vital knowledge transfer and create lasting behavioural change. Across TfL’s diverse workforce, uptake of previous digital learning initiatives had been poor. Kallidus was chosen to help drive staff engagement by creating immersive, media-rich e-learning and an interactive game to supplement experiential workshops for a complete, targeted learning experience. This innovative learning approach would inspire effective behavioural change and, ultimately, improve customer service.

The Kallidus learning solution would be accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, and even accessible underground without an internet connection. The FftFS solution would be future-proofed by developing content in Storyline, enabling TfL’s in-house development team to update and maintain future e-learning content.

The results

Working in partnership with TfL, Kallidus has created a truly engaging, innovative e-learning experience and developed a change-ready workforce, who are on track to deliver a service that is world class. Eight months in, TfL’s workforce is exceeding all programme targets. The benefits of widespread accessibility are clear and, to date, over 80% of learners have accessed the ticketing modules and 96% of managers have accessed the customer service modules.

  • TfL’s workforce have already exceeded customer service KPI targets around staff presence, staff helpfulness and staff attention to customers, and customer satisfaction has also increased post-transformation.

  • Staff helpfulness has shown the biggest change between pre-and post- transformation, increasing from a network score of 92 to 97. Staff presence in customer-facing areas has doubled, showing that employees have the skills and confidence to provide hands-on support for customers throughout the station.

  • Immersive e-learning with virtual ticket machine simulations has enabled employees to practise problem-solving, which has been highly effective in upskilling staff and has enabled TfL to transform six of the 250 ticket halls per week without compromising efficiency and customer service.

  • All supervisors transferring into customer service management roles now have engaging, individual development plans, and for the first time in 25 years, TfL has a competency benchmark for supervisors.

  • Employees have engaged with the learning so successfully that many have volunteered to become Change Champions: advocates for the FftFS programme, helping colleagues to adapt to new ways of working.

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"This year has been one of unprecedented change at TfL, and we needed to win over staff from the very start of the programme. We have been keeping track of performance and staff engagement throughout the project and have been delighted with the results. From design to delivery, the impact of the training has been far-reaching, and has exceeded expectations on all levels."

Alexandra Bode-Tunji, Programme Lead – Skills and Capabilities, FftFS

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