How are you ensuring your Data is protected?

Data breaches are at all-time high, costing organisations their reputations and significant financial loss. Barely a day goes by without a mention in the press of a high profile organisation that has failed to protect its customer data or has fallen foul to a cyber-attack. And it’s staggering to think that the UK now suffers an incident of financial fraud every 15 seconds!

Kallidus have partnered with Data Compliant, the leading UK authority on compliance training, to create 4 Courses;

• Data Protection Essentials

• Data Protection Advanced

• Recognising Personally Identifiable Information

• Information Security Awareness

Can you afford not to be data compliant?

You could face a fine of up to £500,000 for 

non- compliance with the data protection act

Watch our short video to understand how you can quickly train all your staff to be data compliant and protect your future.

Example Pricing

No of.

All 4 courses



£ per annum

10,000 users

2500 users

5000 users

All 4 courses

All 4 courses



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