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Kallidus 360 overview

Kallidus 360 is a powerful SaaS solution to help you shape employee development in line with strategic objectives. Using invaluable multi-source feedback from team members, managers and external stakeholders, Kallidus 360 provides a multi-dimensional reflection of performance to help to identify patterns in employee behaviour and facilitate more meaningful discussions around individual potential and progression opportunities.

Kallidus 360 actively engages employees in their own development as they build on identified strengths and address areas for improvement that are often hidden in traditional manager-led appraisals.

Much more than an extension of performance management processes, the flexibility of Kallidus 360 acts as a vehicle for transformation across teams, departments and the organisation as a whole. It also helps to create a continuous, dynamic and more transparent development culture thatĀ focuses less on evaluation and ratings and more on agile goal-setting, regular feedback, coaching and career planning.

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A vehicle for employee development and business transformation

Colleague feedback is useful, but it needs to form part of a fully integrated strategy if it is to drive business transformation effectively. Kallidus 360 provides a mechanism to help you to identify key strengths of both individuals and entire teams, giving you broader insight into the development needs that will deliver true business value.

This highly configurable and intuitive solution can be structured to reflect competency frameworks and key corporate objectives, and helps to create an accurate, clear and complete performance review process to enhance and integrate a professional development culture across your workforce.

  • Multi-dimensional reviews

    Build an unbiased and detailed picture of performance from multiple contributors, including managers, peers and suppliers. Highlight hidden strengths and expose potential blind spots to inform constructive development discussions.

  • Engaged employees

    Engage staff in their own development with self-evaluation and peer-to-peer feedback. Multi-rater reviews can help employees to identify areas for improvement and map meaningful and detailed personal development pathways.

  • A tool for business change

    Conduct topic-based 360 reviews across teams to tackle business pains and identified areas for change, e.g. customer service, productivity or wellbeing. Use the results to set individual performance goals to support business-wide change.

  • Intelligent analytics

    Facilitate effective developmental discussions using both qualitative and quantitative data. Leverage your data to identify feedback trends, and assess and plan organisational training needs and direct development resources more effectively.

  • Streamlined appraisals

    Automate alerts and reminders to schedule reviews and manage and view all employee reports from a central location. Provide access anytime, anywhere, on any device and allow responders to provide anonymous feedback without the need to log in.

  • Highly configurable

    Align reviews with competency frameworks and objectives and engage staff with unique branding and multilingual capability. Select templates, rating scales and comments boxes, or create unique questionnaires for specific users or roles.

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"Kallidus 360 has been really well designed and is very intuitive and user-friendly, so it has made a world of difference in enabling our senior managers to overcome time constraints and complete the review process more quickly and effectively. We are now able to provide targeted feedback aligned with core competencies."

Organisational Development Manager, Eurostar

Enhance the power of your 360 strategy

Integrating learning, performance and talent management using the latest technologies can deliver significant business benefits, unifying and enhancing the employee development process from user experience and engagement to decision-making and resource planning. An integrated approach streamlines processes and improves productivity to help you to proactively manage performance against plan. And aligning L&D with talent management and succession planning helps you to manage skills gaps flexibly and effectively, develop more robust leadership pipelines, and create more effective development plans for high performers to ensure long-term business success.

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